Dota Underlords releases its Season 1 trailer

Underlords trailer
Image credit: Valve Corporation

The Season 1 trailer for Dota Underlords is now officially out as the game leaves its beta stage.

A new trailer

Valve’s standalone version of the popular Auto Chess mode has received several trailers so far. We got one for its initial release, one for its Android/IOS version, and the one for Season 1 makes three. This is also the trailer that seems the most polished, with voice narration and a basic summary of the lore behind the game.

The story we hear in the trailer is already clear to anyone who has read more into Underlords. Basically, the whole reason for all the characters to be fighting is a struggle for power, with everyone trying to take the spot of the previous leader – Mama Eeb. There’s a total of 10 playable characters planned for Underlords and 4 of them are already out:

  • Anessix - Mistress of Secrets
  • Hobgen - Arson Aficionado
  • Jull - Icewrack Bootlegger
  • Enno - Scavenger King

The remaining six are still something of a mystery but there is some speculation. We may already know their names based on what we find in the rulebook inside the game:

  • Grek - the owner of a fighting show.
  • O'nia - a merchant.
  • Quiet - an automaton.
  • Turath- an insane mage.
  • Wren - Momma Eeb's daughter.
  • Carl - an undead tailor.

A decline in players

Drodo Studio, the developers of the original Auto Chess mod, attracted a lot of fresh blood into the Dota 2 client. It was up to Valve to keep the players engaged, so they made a deal with Drodo and released their own version labeled Dota Underlords. While initially, it did rather well, as many players transitioned from Dota 2 Auto Chess, the number of active users started to slowly decline over the last few months.

Underlords steamcharts
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As it becomes obvious from the picture, Underlords has been gradually losing players and now sits at an all-time low. This was also the case with Dota 2 until last month and it’s nice to see that Valve is actively trying to save at least one of their games.

Season 1 features

With the release of Underlords Season 1, the game is finally out of beta and has its very own dedicated battle pass (just like Dota 2). The players will be able to earn rewards for free but can also spend $4.99 to receive more for their efforts. All of the rewards coming from the new battle pass will have no effect on the actual gameplay. Returning players who tried out the game during its beta period will receive some additional gifts for supporting it. There are also puzzles and a brand-new City Crawl campaign. Both of those will award players with points and allow them to unlock visuals like new Underlord outfits and more. Additionally, the new season brings quite a lot of gameplay and balance changes which you can check on the official Underlords website.

Judging by the game’s latest trailer, Valve won’t be pulling an Artifact 2.0 where they simply abandon the project. Whether you’re going to be a returning player or a brand-new one, now might be a very good time to give Underlords another go.