EA Play Causing FIFA 21 Early Access Issues

Eaplay fifa21 crashes
FIFA 21 is still shining in bright red on the Xbox Support page.

Since late last night, EA Play has been bringing unwanted issues to Xbox users wanting to use their FIFA 21 Early Access on the Microsoft Store. Initially, the game was either not available or couldn't properly launch, which was fixed rather quickly. More than 10 hours later though, there are still issues with purchasing FIFA points and FIFA 21 is still marked as red on the Xbox Support page.

EA Play Keeping FIFA 21 Away from Users

Late last night it was reported by many Xbox One players with Early Access that they were unable to take advantage of their prime status. FIFA 21 was simply not available in the EA Play app or it couldn't load if it were. The issues extended to the Microsoft Store where getting your hands on FIFA 21 was not a much easier task.

While it wasn't difficult to figure out, the Xbox Support team nonetheless confirmed that the bug was restricted to EA Play itself and were fast on fixing it.

After a few hours of repair, the annoying issues were finally dealt with and everything was supposed to be back to normal regarding the new FIFA title.

That's it, until 10 hours later, when another issue arose. There were errors appearing when purchasing FIFA points. What those errors are exactly was not elaborated upon, but considering we're talking real money here, whatever it might be is serious.

It is FIFA points after all - EA's way of extorting money from users, so it's likely that this particular issue will be ressolved in no time. Then again, it has been a few hours already, so EA might be letting the leash loose on getting aaaaall of the money.

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