Alinity Knows How to Solve Twitch ASMR Meta Issue

Alinity on Twitch ASMR meta
Alinity has a suggestion on fixing Twitch's ASMR meta and sex content. | © Alinity via Twitch

Twitch has been under fire lately. There's always been a thin line around sexual content on the site, but 2021 escalated that debate with the hot tub meta and the ASMR meta. Many have spoken on it, but few have suggested solutions. Enter Alinity.

Alinity is in the ranks of most popular female Twitch streamers and is perfectly fit to speak on the ongoing sex content scandals that have plagued the Twitch community of late.

Alinity Knows How to Stop Sexual Content on Twitch

The ASMR meta took right over from the preceeding hot tub meta on Twitch. The common denominator is the sexual nature of the two. Naturally, that type of content raises a debate: The fact that this is all happening on Twitch, a 13+ website that was originally conceived as a video game streaming platform, makes that debate all the more fierce.

The last week or so saw the peak of it, as the two front cover stars of suggestive Twitch content - Amouranth and Indiefoxx, received bans on June 19, just to get unbanned three days later. Many of their colleagues have spoken up in the aftermath of the bans, including Pokimane and xQc. Now another prominent member of the Twitch community, Alinity, joins the discussion with not only an opinion, but a suggestion.

First, she explained why sexual content isn't going away in the current environment:

Then, when asked what she would do to solve the issue, Alinity replied:

So, in summary: the punishment for doing sexual content on Twitch isn't enough to discourage those who are making sexual content. Thus, increasing the punishment to a point where it's no longer meritable to do such content would solve the problem.

Sound logic which Twitch may want to listen to. It's one of their own partners that's whispering in their ear. If they don't want to listen to viewers, then listen to creators at least.

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