Barbie 2: Everything We Know About A Possible Sequel

The Barbie movie just dropped and people are already asking for Barbie 2!

Everything we know about Barbie 2 | © Warner Bros.

Just days after the release of the Barbie movie, people are already asking for a sequel and looking at the movie's success, chances are good that it will happen. So here's everything we know about Barbie 2.

The Barbie movie is a colorful (mostly pink) comedy about the most popular over the top girly doll that ever hit the market. The over-the-top comedy is almost sickeningly pink, up until the point where she delves into the “real” world to embrace imperfection.

With all the hype and memes that lead up to this movie, it is no wonder that people are already wishing for Barbie 2, and it looks like that is already being discussed.

Barbie 2 Are There Plans For A Sequel?

In an interview with Time Magazine, Margot Robbie talked about the possibility of more Barbie movies, explaining how it "could go a million different directions from this point". Despite this she also emphasizes that they didn't particularly plan for a sequel while filming.

you fall into a bit of a trap if you try and set up a first movie whilst also planning for sequels

So looking at Margot Robbie's statement, this means that they decided to work on this project as a standalone movie, to not fall into that trap of "planning for sequels". That doesn't mean that Barbie won't get a sequel, though. In fact, based on the already impressive hype around the film, and Margot's comments, Barbie 2 seems like a distinct possibility.

Depending on the movie's success, Warner Bros. will probably consider a Barbie 2 movie, if they think it could make them some dough, and Barbie is infamous for having an insane amount of TV and movie adaptations. So there's definitely more than enough stories to tell with the iconic at the center.

It's a great time for movie adaptations, with the recent success of the Super Mario Movie and now Barbie. Really gets you excited for future projects:

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