Batgirl Movie Villain (Almost) Confirmed!

Batgirl & Firefly
The Batgirl movie villain is a fly that likes to play with fire. | © DC

Batgirl is one project DCEU fans have been waiting to see for quite some time. While development is nowhere near its final stage, leaked casting details strongly suggest who the Batgirl villain is going to be.

Batgirl went through several shifts of direction since the first thoughts of such a movie emerged in 2017. First Joss Whedon left the project, citing his inability to "get the story right". Then the project was reduced from a full-scale theater release to an HBO Max original.

Not all of the news is grim for Batgirl fans. According to a recent report, one of her classic foes from the comics is going to be the main villain in the new flick.

Who Is Going to Be the Batgirl Villain?

Superhero movies are just as good as their villain. These aren't the words of some legendary movie director. These are this article's author's words. If my pseudo-philosophical thoughts hold any truth, then DCEU and Batgirl fans, in particular, can be optimistic: a classic villain is reportedly making a comeback!

The Illuminderdi reports that the Batgirl cast is looking to add a "50-60-year-old actor to play an evil, resentful ex-firefighter". That description just so happens to perfectly fit the character of Garfield Lynns, aka Firefly. A firefighter that ends up with burn scars after being abandoned by his fellow firemen, set out to avenge his own misfortune. Sounds about right.

Not to mention that Firefly is one of the first major villains Batgirl fights and defeats in the comics, which all but confirms not only the villain himself but potentially the whole plot of the upcoming movie. We're not going to reinvent the wheel by suggesting that this is going to be an origin story of how Barbara Gordon turns into Batgirl and goes on to defeat a powerful nemesis.

It makes too much sense for Firefly to be the villain. It's even a bit weird that something that's essentially a leak feels so certain to be true. Might be weird, but it also feels good! The DC side of the superhero fanbase definitely has something to look forward to here. Let's just hope that we don't end up with one of "those" DCEU movies.

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