Chris Hemsworth Looks Bigger Than The Rock in New Thor Film!

Chris Hemsworth Body Thor God Love Thunder
So basically for the next movie, Chris Hemsworth will literally be the size of Thanos. Literally. (Credit: Chris Hemsworth - Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth is ripped every single day of the week, but he's especially buffed now that he's shooting Thor: Love & Thunder. Actually, he was shooting. The filming is done and to celebrate the moment, Chris Hemsworth shared a picture of himself where he looks larger than The Rock!

We're all still waiting for The Rock to fulfill his evolution and become Black Adam – a role for which he'll presumably be more shredded than ever. For now, fellow muscle-god took the next step on the evolution towards looking better than Photoshop: Chris Hemsworth looks absolutely insanely shredded!

Chris Hemsworth's Body in Thor: Love & Thunder

You saw the picture above, so you already know: Chris Hemsworth has never looked bigger. Even better, the shooting for the next Thor movie has concluded. Despite this, the release date is still almost a year away - Thor Love & Thunder will release on May 6, 2022.

In addition to his satisfaction with filming, the star of the movie - Thor himself, known in some fields by his mortal name Chris Hemsworth, shared a photo that is going to attract ladies' eyes ( [male] editor's note: Bro, my eyes are attracted too. This man is a living sculpture. Jesus Christ).

On that pic, Chris is standing proudly next to co-star and director Taika Waititi. The impressive part about it all is the size of Thor's arm. That thing could be its own country and gives any fellow actor a run for their money.

The Rock is the current holder of the most buffed Hollywood star belt, but he may have to hit the gym harder if he is to keep up with the God of Thunder. We'll see once the first Black Adam set-shots are revealed.

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