Did You Miss Chris Hemsworth's Cameo in Loki?

Chris Hemsworth Frog Thor
Thor took a different form in Loki, and Chris Hemsworth was there. | © Marvel

The Loki TV series is shaping out to be the most successful Marvel project on the small screen. That's normal: people love Loki! But did you know that Chris Hemsworth – Thor himself – did a cameo in episode 5 of Loki?

Loki is not even done with its first season, and it's already a Marvel fan favorite. The show revolves around the titular character. But what is Loki without his bro Thor? Marvel apparently asked themselves the same question, and they have the answer.

Chris Hemsworth Had a Cameo Appearance in Loki Episode 5

Chris Hemsworth is a large man, so how the fook could you miss his appearance in Loki? Even if it is a two-second cameo, it's goddamn Thor we're talking about here. He should be noticeable, right? Well, kind of.

Thor did appear in episode 5... as a frog. Yep, frog Thor is a thing. And who else to play the God of Thunder if not Chris Hemsworth? It obviously doesn't make much of a difference whether Thor is a ripped man in his 30s or a bloody frog, Chris does it all!

All of that was revealed by Loki episode 5 director Kate Herron. In the episode, titled Journey Into Mystery, Loki gets to meet different versions of himself and other characters. One of these variants is frog Thor, or Throg, which sounds a billion times cooler.

Turns out that the miniscule voice acting role was handled by none other than Chris Hemsworth. It's not even a re-hash of him yelling in Ragnarok or something. The man showed up to record his "lines" brand new for the show. That's hilarious levels of dedication.

You can hear the full story from Herron herself as she told it on the For All Nerds podcast.

That bit of trivia comes at a perfect timing. Episode six of the Loki TV series is set to air tomorrow, July 14. What better publicity than unveiling Throg's true origins? We bet more people got a sense of satisfaction from this than they did when they found out why Han Solo calls Chewbacca Chewie.

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