Dad Destroys Console Little Daughter Bought Herself

NarwhalFPS is a Valorant streamer and YouTuber, whose dad just threw her PC in the pool. Yeah... that actually happened.

So this one's wild. You read the headline, and trust me, the story is just as random... but let's start at the beginning: NarwhalFPS is a 15-year old streamer, who made a name for herself on YouTube by solving Rubik's cubes and ny kicking ass in Valorant. The girl's gone viral and has a total of 43 million views. Thanks to that, she was able to afford a new gaming PC, that she's been using to stream Valorant since.

Then... her dad went ahead and threw that PC into the pool:

Worst dad ever? I'll let you be the judge: NarwhalFPS was fighting with her sister, whom she accused of messing with the PC. In short, she blamed her for breaking it, and asked her dad to fix it. Her dad, however, had a bad day at work, and was only grudgingly willing to fix the computer, so when Narwhal and her sister kept on fighting, and didn't listen to the dad trying to fix the PC... he threw it in the pool. Duh.

Ever since, many have reached out and offered to buy NarwhalFPS a new computer, but her parents won't allow her to accept donations. Now, she can no longer make content, until she manages to get a new PC, which, I'm guessing, her dad won't be paying for.