Dragon Age: Absolution | Trailer And Release Date Revealed

Dragon Age is getting a Netflix show, and we've already got a release date and trailer right here for you.

Dragon Age Absolution
Could Dragon Age: Absolution be the masterpiece we've all been hoping for? | © Netflix

Dragon Age is a fantastic RPG series, which couples a beautiful and absorbing universe with compelling gameplay. But we'll refrain from waxing lyrical here, otherwise we'd never get to the actual news. Dragon Age is getting a Netflix show, and marketing for the show is now fully underway.

Dragon Age: Absolution, as the show will be called, is going to be out soon. And, thankfully, we already have a trailer and release date for you. But before we get too far into the details, let's just watch the trailer:

Dragon Age: Absolution Release Date

Dragon Age: Absolution will be released globally on December 9, 2022, via Netflix. Yes, you read that right, it's coming in a matter of weeks. We don't know too much about the plot yet, besides the fact it's set in the Tevinter Empire.

Oh, and one last thing, everything we're hearing suggests it's worth playing through the Dragon Age games first to better understand and enjoy the show. If you haven't tried them yet, they're great games, and they're cheap these days (here's a link to the most recent game, only $16).

Are you happy with the direction they're taking Dragon Age: Absolution in? Or, would you rather they had tried to replicate the art-style of the game more closely? If we have to be honest, we're too focused on the next Dragon Age game to be distracted by the Netflix show...


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