Wait, Why Did These Dutch Robbers Ram into a Toy Shop?

Pokemon toys stolen from truck netherlands
Dutch robbers did... what? | © TOMY via Dick Smith

Two unidentified robbers drove a van into a toy store in the Dutch town of Voorburg. After smashing the front of the shop, the robbers drove off with an unknown amount of Pokémon and LEGO merchandise. Yes, that's right, Dutch Robbers stole a bunch of Pokemon and Lego toys.

No one yet knows how much was stolen in this bizarre toy-heist, but a high-speed Police chase followed, after Dutch Police were notified of what seemed to be a car crash. One particularly giggle-worthy detail is that the Police used a freakin' helicopter to pursue these toy-store maniacs... and they still didn't catch them.

Apparently the two men involved used a van as a battering ram, smashing the front window of Intertoys, a Dutch toy shop. They then went on to steal a large, but unknown, quantity of Pokémon and LEGO toys and merchandise.

If you want to hear something interesting: apparently LEGO and Pokémon merchandise is a massive target for thieves. In a statement to the press, the manager of the store explained that "Because of the LEGO Masters program, LEGO has become extremely popular, and Pokémon is also worth a lot of money".

Who would have thought, right? How could LEGO and Pokémon merchandise be worth enough to warrant a robbery of this scale? It seems pretty crazy, to be honest... but also pretty hilarious.

The ensuing high-speed Toy-Robber Police chase ended after the Police Helicopter discovered that the white van that they'd been following was not, in fact, the one they were looking for. Oops! They later found the real Van wiped-clean and abandoned in The Hague. Double oops...

Don't worry, though. No one has been hurt, and the shop will reopen in less than a week. Bizarrely, though, the manager admitted that they were "prepared for this kind of craziness"... What on earth is going on in the Netherlands? This is something you're "prepared" for? We wish them well, and hope that the shop will recover quickly.

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