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Royal Incest is the Artist of the Day.

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Who is Royal Incest? | © Royal Incest

Royal Incest is back.

Founded in 1992 near Münster, alternative five piece Royal Incest recently have finished their work on the third album „Queen of Drama“, to be released on May 21st. The new studio album is, as it was expected, again a powerful mix out of Grunge, Punk and Indie Rock. It contains 9 brand new songs, recorded and produced within only one weekend in the well known D.I.Y. Or Die - Studios in Dortmund, Germany. The album will be available in all stores as LP, CD and digital. The title track, Queen Of Drama, describes the broken dream and the sadness of a girl, that cannot find her great love. Her depression makes her weep and lets her appear with tear stained make-up, not willing to live any longer.

The opener, Democracy and freedom, is a reminder of the oppression and terror of the Nazi regime before and in World War I and II. Its aim is to stand up and fight for democracy and freedom. The track, Invitation, tells the story of a serial killer that offers young girls (his potential victims) a luxury life with servants in his castle (golden cage), where everyone’s pretty and no one gets old. After he enticed them, they are being tortured and killed brutally in his chain.

Anyway, the powerful vocals of shouter and guitarist Johannes Hofmann, the heavy steams of the two further guitarists Karl Funnemann and Claus Stephan, the rhythm section around Christoph Linhoff (bass) and Dominik Lenz (drums), as well as diverse edgy and emotional tunes, come along sometimes elegiac, politically motivated and always very multifaceted.

1. Our favorite video game soundtrack is:

Music For Red Dead Redemption 2

2. Our favorite video game music composers are:

Woody Jackson, Daniel Lanois and Jose Gonzalez

3. Our favorite video games are:

Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, Diablo 2, Rez and Max Payne 3

4. Which game inspires you to make music?

All the games we play, have a massive influence for our own sound / songwriting process, because they inspire us very much.

5. What video game are you currently playing?

Red Dead Redemption 2 from 2018. F*n great stuff…

6. Would you ever want to write music for a video game?

Would be a great honour for us to write a piece for one of the above named video games. We are also extremely interested in writing the next James Bond theme:-)

The Spotify Song link to our track „Democracy and Freedom“ from our latest album „Queen of Drama“, which is out as LP, CD and digital since summer 2021, is:

Democracy and Freedom on YouTube:

Royal Incest artist page