EarlyGame Artist of the Day: S.A.C.H.A.

Who is S.A.C.H.A.? We'll answer that question today.

Who is S.A.C.H.A.? | © Xavier Bartolini

Born & raised in New Caledonia, in the South Pacific, SACHA has always been in the middle of a highly-contrasted world, among various cultures and languages. Being mixed himself, with a French mother and a Wallisian father, he likes to bring opposites together, combine ideas that may seem contradictory at first and play with foreign sounds & imagery.

In his music the artist plays with electronic synths and beats which he intertwines with acoustic instruments and drums to create a canvas upon which he can weave his vocals and lyrics. Inspired by his own micro experiences, SACHA tries to find answers about the macro issues of our modern society. He questions his place in a country undergoing an identity crisis and its place in the globalized world that we live in. He wonders how we can expand our communication skills & embrace outside influences without compromising our uniqueness & personal balance. On stage, SACHA offers a journey into his exotic world where sounds from the South Pacific are layered upon electronic sounds & beats, along with live strings & piano, and sometimes VJing. Between dark ballads and dance-y trip-hop tunes, the singer goes from storytelling to tribal inspired dancing, inviting the audience into his flamboyant world.

1. What is your favorite video game soundtrack?

That would be the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack, it has such iconic melodies and I remember being deeply moved by some of the music, especially Aerith's death, despite the MIDI quality it had.

2. Who's your favorite video game music composer?

Nathan Mc Cree

3. What’s your favorite video game?

The Tomb Raider series

4. Did any game ever inspire you to do music?

Many games! From Civilization, to Rayman, Tomb Raider & the Final Fantasy series.

5. What video game are you currently playing?

I haven't played since COVID, but I was playing a lot of Civilization and The Witcher III in 2020.

6. Would you ever like to write music for video games?

I've written music for theater, cinema, dance pieces, visual arts and video games is the one domain I would DREAM to explore. So a big YES!

Here is my latest single...

...and my latest music video:

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