EarlyGame Artist of the Day: Talking To Sophie

EarlyGame's Artist of the Day is Talking To Sophie!

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Who is Talking To Sophie? | © Talking To Sophie

Klingklang! Talking To Sophie creates Klingklang, wrapped in pop structures and dizzying sound scramble. After months of playful experiments in the studio, Talking To Sophie, alias Marcel Krell, releases the self produced debut Album onto multifaceted German & European stages, whether great or small. Supported by lights, friends and delight, every show is a unique sound art with alternating orchestration.

It all started by creating cover songs of the very first self-bought record; songs sung by the boyhood idol. Resulting versions of those songs consisted of power chords and squeaking solo action (autodidactic, of course!). Two years later, the first band assembled, which would eventually also turn out to be the last.

Five years later, between pop-rock and acoustic shows; after tiring band practice and touring the Brandenburg suburbs, it was time for a new beginning. The band leader now had to shift for himself. This is the story of how Talking To Sophie was created; the self-realization in image and sound.

"The Calivada Triology" ("Oh Ridge Cabin Hymns" & "Old Mother Road Anthems", both released in 2019 and "Red Canyon Sing-A-Longs", hopefully out in Fall 2022) is a 3 dozen song strong journey through the western US, packed with wanderlust, fear, change, frustration, long drives and love.

2022 will also mark the first ever Talking To Sophie US show, (when the pandemic allows traveling and play in early summer).

A new single will be out on January 3rd. A song which was lost for almost 17 years. "In Your Heart" was never recorded or played live after the song was written. While rummaging through the archives, I found a lyric sheet and some chord progressions and decided to record the song in a sleepless night last November. There are several other old unreleased songs which will maybe lead to an EP of "Lost Notes".

What is your favorite video game soundtrack?

There are two I really like, the first one is an old favorite game of mine: Burnout Paradise and the other one is the Life is Strange (first Part) Soundtrack

Who's your favorite video game music composer?

Also Life is Strange's Jonathan Morali

What’s your favorite video game?

It varies a bit, I loved LA Noir when it came out and still play it from time to time. Of course, Life is Strange (all parts are in my top 5), but at the end, if I have to decide: Forza Horizon (also the first part) - I really enjoy to drive through Colorado, I can turn the brain off and dream.

What game inspired you to do music?

Again, Life is Strange, I record a lot of instrumentals after having played one or the other episode.

What video game are you currently playing?

Little Nightmares (playing it together with my wife, the game kinda creeps me out ...)

Would you ever like to write music for video games? What would it be like?

I think it will be different to my usual songs, more orchestral and mystic

How important is music for video games / video games for music?

I love it when a game has a great soundtrack it delivers a better feel / atmosphere, sometimes I like to play games cause of the music!