Gamer Finds PlayStation Wine That Could Be Worth Thousands

A gamer has found a rare PlayStation wine at their in-law's house. Turns out, it could actually be worth thousands of dollars.

Playstation wine
PlayStation wine found – Could be worth thousands | © Reddit user TJBurger

An unusual turn of events, that you wouldn't expect when visiting your in-laws. A guy on Reddit just found a PlayStation wine from 2007. Many of you probably didn't know about this, but PlayStation did actually once produce some official wine. It was a limited edition run, which means there's probably very few bottles left, but they do exist. This lucky person found one of the treasures, and it's probably more valuable than they thought.

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PlayStation Wine From 2007 Found – How Much Is It Worth?

Although Sony has produced an incredible amount of PlayStation merchandise over the years, people tend to think of t-shirts, mugs, posters, and so on... but not wine. Well, it's true, and this person found one when visiting their in-laws... How crazy is that?

Found this at in-laws from gaming

Sony actually produced this wine to celebrate PlayStation's ten-year anniversary in Hong Kong, so this one must be quite special. Funny thing is, 11 years ago someone else on Reddit had a very similar situation when they found a PlayStation Merlot from 1999 in their parents' house. Apparently, these mysterious bottles are likely to be found in the houses of our parents... I'll have to check something out later.

The exact worth of this PlayStation limited edition wine is not clear, because it has never been auctioned, but considering that there isn't much to be found about it on the internet, it seems to be quite rare.

One Redditor commented, that another PS wine, made for the 30 million sold anniversary, would sell for $2000 and up to $4000 USD. Therefore, it's not far-fetched to assume that this find could actually be worth a similar amount.

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