Harry Potter in Fast & Furious? Daniel Radcliffe Is Up for It

Harry potter fast furious
Flying cars are already in both Harry Potter and Fast & Furious. | © Warning Bros./Universal

Harry Potter in Fast & Furious? Daniel Radcliffe says "maybe". The Harry Potter actor was quizzed by Conan O'Brien on whether he would be interested in an action flick. Fans of the English actor may be surprised by Radcliffe's stance on this.

Conan O'Brien is awesome. Daniel Radcliffe is awesome. Of course they're going to have an awesome conversation! One about... Fast and Furious?

Daniel Radcliffe Would Star in a Fast & Furious Movie

English actor Daniel Radcliffe isn't your typical action star. Matter of fact, he's no action star at all! Conan O'Brien likes to challenge his guests though, and asked The Boy Who Lived if he can see himself as part of another blockbuster franchise - Fast & Furious. Here's what Radcliffe had to say:

I would love to be in a movie like that but in the instance of [Fast & Furious], if I could have a non-driving part, that would be great. Driving on camera is maybe the part of my job that I hate the most. I barely drive in real life. I have a license. But I really am not good at it and don't really do it. So trying to hit a mark, in a car, is my most hated part of it. I could do some of the admin. I'm sure they must need a lot of that. There must be an administration guy there. Someone has to look after these guys.

Maybe F&F would be too tall of an ask for the Englishman. They are not just driving in these films anymore, they are driving in space! Then again, the man who played Harry Potter would hardly be bamboozled by some space vacuum.

Could be that by the time Daniel Radcliffe is invited to the Fast & Furious franchise, the car chases would have moved to the wizarding world and DR could use his wand to make the car drive itself. Anything sounds plausible in these films these days.

We have no heart to leave a fan too optimistic with the wrong impression, so we will clarify that the whole conversation between Conan and Daniel was humourous and the likelihood of Daniel Radcliffe ever playing in The Fast Saga is very miniscule.

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