Harry Potter's Wand & Glasses Going to Be Sold for $50K Each

Harry Potter wand glasses
Harry Potter's iconic wand & glasses are going to an auction. | © Warner Bros.

Fans of the Harry Potter series can be excited and disheartened at the following news: Harry Potter's wand and glasses are going to be auctioned later this month. That means that for one, you can get your hands on incredible memorabilia, and for another... you probably can't afford it.

You may be a wizard, Harry, but you still need money. The Boy Who Lived has some distinctions that any fan would recognize. Most popular is of course the scar on his forehead - the symbol of surviving Lord Voldemort. Besides that, it's the circle-shaped glasses and the magic wand - another connection to the Evil Lord, that complete the classic Harry Potter look.

While the scar shall remain on Harry's forehead, the glasses and the wand are going to be auctioned away to the highest bidder.

You Can Buy Original Harry Potter Wand & Glasses

According to a report by The Irish News, the wand used and glasses worn by actor Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter films are going to feature in an auction later this month. To be precise, the wand & glasses from the last two movies - Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2, are the ones being sold.

The two precious items are expected to go for at least $30.000, with some estimates going up to $50.000 each. This is where a lot of Potterheads' enthusiasm probably goes down to zero, because these aren't sums most of us regular folks can afford.

However, if you are willing and able to spend at least a few thousand bucks, you could still treat yourself with Harry Potter movie items. Also going for sale at the Prop Store in Los Angeles are Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter, which should go for around $10.000, and a Daily Prophet copy used in the Order of the Phoenix. The magical newspaper could be obtained for "just" about $5.000.

It is a lot of money to ask of a regular fan for sure, but whoever grabs these items will be giving his cash not to Warner Bros. or J.K. Rowling, but to the latter's Lumos charity foundation. As close to magic as it gets.

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