Game of Thrones Returns This Year

Game of Thrones finally returns: The release date for House of the Dragon is set.
House of the dragon
Familiar hair, unfamiliar faces. | © HBO

On August 21, 2022, Game of Thrones will finally return: House of the Dragon will get its premier on HBO. You're kidding yourself, if you're telling me you're not excited. Yes, I know Season 8 was bad, but people seem to forget that the other seasons still set a new standard for what TV can be. One bad apple doesn't ruin everything, and Game of Thrones is still the TV standard. Of course, the release date is interesting, since the new Lord of the Rings show, is also releasing in that time frame, and Lord of the Rings is desperately trying to fill the hole that Game of Thrones left behind - which is obviously going to be harder to do, when Game of Thrones is actually around.

Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon - What We Know

Again: I find it unfair that Game of Thrones somehow has to regain our trust, just because they messed up one season, but... that's the recency biased world we live. We'll see if House of the Dragon can salvage the show's legacy: The prequel is set 200 years before the story we all know, and it will revolve around the Targaryens - King Viserys, Rhaenyra... you know the names, and now you know the date. Can't wait.