How Rich Is Logan Paul?

Logan paul money
Logan Paul's bank account keeps getting bigger. | © Logan Paul

Logan Paul makes a lot of money. That is common knowledge. How much exactly? How rich is Logan Paul? What's Logan Paul's net worth? That requires a bit more research. Let's dive into the influencer's finances.

Money, money, money. That's all everyone cares about. After the main event with Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul's net worth is a topic of interest more than ever. How rich is he exactly?

What's Logan Paul's Net Worth?

Logan Paul's net worth as of 2021 is $25 million, according to Earlier in his career, the main portion of his income was coming from YouTube. Paul enjoyed unparalleled success on the platform and was reportedly making millions off of his content and the small TV roles he was getting in 2016-17.

The big bucks started flowing once his Maverick clothing line was established. Logan stated on his own Impaulsive podcast that Maverick made sales for up to $40 million in its first nine months on the market.

Speaking of Impaulsive, the podcast is just another medium from which Logan Paul is making dough. Of course, none of what we've spoken about so far comes close to his latest check.

We know the question on your mind is, how much money did Logan Paul from the Mayweather fight? Again, this comes via Logan himself, so take that as you will, but Logan Paul earned a total of around $20 million from the Floyd Mayweather fight. That aligns pretty well with Floyd's own statements about his net gain from the event.

With all of that money raining on Logan Paul's porch, it's easy to understand how a "YouTuber" can afford to buy a California mansion for $6.5 million. Logan is simply much more than a YouTuber in 2021 and the hustle is paying him back good.

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