3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect Reasons Why
Dr Disrespect is one intriguing character. ©CNN

<'s be clear, we're not telling you what to do with your time. However, if we can expand your arsenal of streamers to follow, then we may help you spend that time a little better, which would make us happy. So, here goes!

1. Dr Disrespect Says It as He Sees It

With a nickname like that, you better be disrespectful at times! The Doctor certainly is, in a good way. You can always count on Double D to speak his mind, even if his thoughts don't necessarily align with popular views on a certain topic. The latest example is his take on Battlefield 2042, which was questioned by many. Doc doesn't care.

2. Dr Disrespect Knows His Stuff

We mentioned in our 3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Ninja article that watching someone who's actually good at what he does is a huge plus. That 100% applies to Dr Disrespect. He comes with a rare background for a streamer as he was actually part of the video game industry.

Spending a couple of years at Sledgehammer and designing levels and maps for Call of Duty is a CV that rarely stands next to a streamer's name. That allows Doc to have a more detailed perspective on a lot of topics, which validates his opinion more than your average streamer. Good reason to watch in our book.

3. Dr Disrespect Has the Best Persona

No matter how knowledgeable you are of the industry or how good you are at playing games... at the end of the day, to be a good entertainer, you need to be entertaining. Dr Disrespect easily checks this mark with a unique persona that was described perfectly by ESPN: a WWE character in a streamer's disguise.

The witty YouTuber is guaranteed to catch your attention with a witty remark or an educated opinion on various topics. If you're remotely into shooters and watching streams, then this is your guy.

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