The One Thing That Could Kill Twitch

Twitch dead
Boredom can kill an entertainment platform. | ©

Can Twitch die? One of its most popular content creators certainly thinks so. Ludwig Ahgren has a theory and doesn't involve hot tubs, ASMR or gambling. Innovative, we know.

Twitch has its meta cycles going basically since its invention. This is popular today, that is popular tomorrow, and so on. Sometimes, a meta makes a return to the Twitch limelight before returning to second row, just to repeat that process a few months later. Examples of short-lived metas would be this year's hot tub and ASMR meta. Another recurring theme is gambling - a topic viciously discussed seemingly every year.

Curiously, Ludwig - one of the most successful Twitch streamers, doesn't see much issue with any of these metas. His problem with the current state of Twitch is gently hinted at in the previous paragraph, nonetheless. Can you spot it? We'll give you a moment.

It's the "discussion" part.

Why Is Twitch Dying?

According to Ludwig, Twitch is dying because of reaction streams. His theory is that when your content is commenting on other people's content, you'd run out of (interesting) content to comment on. Or that at least the endless feed of reactions instead of actual content would bore the viewers to death. But here, instead of explaining his words, we'll give you the quote. Silly us...

There are just too many ‘React Andys’ now. They’ve gone too far. I feel like people go live and all they do is watch other people’s content. I mean, it’s fine, I do it, but it’s really becoming too much. That content is fun, yeah, I like it. But if everyone does it all the time, then the whole Twitch ecosystem dies. Someone has to be creating content for people to keep stealing. What we need is fresh content, instead of all the reactions. I feel like everyone gave their take on the Save the Kids sh*t, all the crypto sh*t. I swear every day there was someone else sharing their takes.

Ludwig isn't holding back here, and you can understand why. If you go through his biography, Ludwig is one of those streamers that is always trying his hands at something new, so it's obvious why he would be mad at supposed colleagues who would rather leech off of other people's content.

Then again, if we're being precise, he's technically giving his opinion about react streams, which technically falls into what he's hating on. But that's only if you're being precise...

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