Jason Momoa Officially Announced As Fast and Furious 10 Villain

Think the Fast and Furious franchise couldn't get anymore exciting? Think again. Jason Momoa has joined the cast!

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Jason Momoa Joins the Cast of Fast & Furious 10 | @TheFastSaga Twitter Handle

An official announcement regarding the antagonist for Fast & Furious 10 has been confirmed. Universal Studios have revealed that Jason Momoa will confront Dom Toretto as the villain. This announcement surprised me because who would’ve thought that Aquaman would become the enemy of Dom Toretto? Not me.

The 10th instalment for Fast & Furious marks the beginning of the end. We’re getting a two-part film that will conclude this family’s storyline. It’ll be upsetting for me and thousands of others who have been watching this saga since 2001. However, we’ll still have something to look forward to because Hobbs & Shaw 2 is expected to release sometime soon. Plus, Universal Studios is expected to launch additional spinoffs on this franchise. So, I wouldn’t expect these high-paced action films will disappear anytime soon.

I’m not surprised that Jason Momoa is joining Fast & Furious 10. This franchise is known to hire overzealous men with unnatural strength like John Cena or Dwayne Johnson. It’s almost impossible to match the physiques of these men unless you’re Jason Momoa. That’s why Momoa is the perfect choice for me. He’s got the power & intimidation to defeat Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto.

Jason Momoa Contract Details and Rumors for Fast 10

Universal Studios hasn’t provided any information regarding Jason Momoa’s contact details. However, inside sources suggest that Aquaman won’t be capable of playing the villain for F10 and F11. There could be contractual obligations stopping Jason Momoa from continuing this role past one film. Fortunately, these are purely rumors & his position could be significantly bigger than people are expecting. That’s what I’m hoping for because Momoa would make an incredible antagonist for Vin Diesel.

I’m happy to report that most members of the Toretto family are returning for Fast & Furious 10. That includes Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, and Ludacris. There are also rumors that John Cena could reprise his role as Jakob Toretto. But there haven’t been any confirmations to date. I’m still hoping we’ll get to see The Rock and John Cena fight in one of these final two films. But since Dwayne Johnson has refused to work with Vin Diesel again, here’s to dreaming!