Joe Rogan Has Brought the Twitch Hot Tub Meta to Instagram... Kinda.

Joe rogan ice bath
Is Joe Rogan bringing the Hot Tub Meta to Instagram... with a twist? | © Joe Rogan via Instagram

Joe Rogan has taken a 20-minute bath in near-freezing water, and the phenomenon is going wild on Instagram. If this funky UFC Commentator-Comedian-Podcaster is causing such a stir with his bath-tub antics, could he be bringing a new spin on the Hot Tub Meta to Instagram? Let's take a look at Joe Rogan's bathtub video...

Who doesn't love Joe Rogan? He's a hunky UFC Commentator, a hilarious stand-up comedian, and hugely successful podcaster. His content stretches across demographics and audiences. What's more, his podcast features interviews with every kind of person you could possibly conceive. Thus, it is unsurprising that in his quest for self-improvement, Joe Rogan may have brought the Hot Tub Meta to Instagram. The twist? The water is almost freezing. Literally.

It's not just Joe Rogan who's enjoying a nice dip, and we've got plenty of Hot Tub Meta content for you right here on EarlyGame! Here's the latest...

Joe Rogan Shares Cold Bath on Instagram

Joe Rogan filmed his twenty-minute bathtub ordeal, in which he bathed in 33-Degree, near freezing water after exercising. Well, this guy's got balls that's for sure (you can tell in the video, if you know what I mean), and this is one impressive – if unsurprising – feat for the popular podcaster. For those of you whom, like me, aren't particularly akin to temperatures in Fahrenheit, 33-Degrees is about 0.5-1Degrees Celcius. Yep. That's right. Bloody cold. Nearly freezing!

Here's the clip from Instagram, as evidence...

Everybody knows about the Hot Tub Meta. Well, not everyone. Everyone who has spent anytime on the internet recently knows about the phenomena, where usually good-looking women livestream their hot-tub antics to scores of... probably men, to be honest. Anyway, Joe Rogan's now-viral Instagram clip may have brought a new spin to this craziness, with the man enduring something that we can all admit was pretty bloody impressive.

I mean, jeez-magee! Could you do that? I certainly couldn't, that's for sure. Joe Rogan is known for the many bits and pieces of health advice that get scattered amongst his podcasts, Instagram posts, comedy, and UFC Commentary. He is not one to shy away from something difficult – being it a hard conversation, a diet, some insane exercise regime, a insanely-long sauna trip, or... a freezing cold bath!

“I’m not sure how I did it, but I did 20 minutes inside the ice bath... I was shivering after this for a solid 30 minutes. I drove to work, it’s 90 degrees out in Texas and I had the AC off and I was shivering the whole way to work.”

We have to hand it to the man, he's certainly versatile and certainly impressive. Joe Rogan's cold bathtub trip is the viral sensation of our time, and certainly worked to hold him to his word. He survived the ordeal, came out the other side, and went to work. We wish that we had that kind of man-power. Does anyone have an ice-cold bath we can try out, perhaps?

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