Johnny Depp's TikTok Hits 11.5M Subs After Amber Heard Ruling

After Johnny Depp successfully sued Amber Heard, he posted his first-ever TikTok. It became instantly viral and now he has 11.5M Followers. What?

Johnny depp tiktok
"Oh yes, that was my plan all along." | © Disney

You have probably heard by now that Johnny Depp won his court case against Amber Heard. The trial of the century is over, and Amber Heard has been, well, humiliated. Everyone has, thus, decided to jump on the grave of Heard's career in a way that makes the whole "defamation" part of the case unbelievably ironic. I mean, do we really want to kick someone when they're down?

Well, apparently so, and after winning his case again Heard, Depp decided to do just that and took a victory lap on TikTok. By victory lap I mean he posted a single TikTok, and it went insanely viral. We'll get to that later because first I want to give you some unnecessary context: Johnny Depp had a TikTok account but had never posted before this moment.

The more than month-long case centered around whether Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed, and whether she was responsible for the pirates star losing his roles in both Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts. To be honest, does he really want to be in Fantastic Beasts? The latest movie sucked even more than we could have anticipated!

Johnny Depp Goes Mad Viral

After the trial went his way, Johnny Depp finally made a TikTok post and, now, he has more than 11 million followers. Isn't that just neat? Well, yeah, if you care about TikTok (spoiler alert: no one should). His account, though, has become a meeting place for all of Depp's avid fans, coming together to talk s**t about Amber Heard despite the fact that the vast majority of them have never met the lady.

What was this crazy TikTok, though? Well, it was... a few clips of crowds outside the courtroom and then, well, Johnny Depp playing guitar on-stage? Excuse my French, but what the merde? Seriously, what the forking merde? What even is this, it would be hilarious if it wasn't so confusing. What do Johnny Depp's admittedly decent guitar-playing skills have to do with this?

It does seem to have worked, though. Johnny Depp's fans are so rabid for more Johnny that they gifted this bloke 11.5 million followers in just a matter of days. Do any of you know how we can get ourselves those kinds of numbers? Please? We want to learn the secret!