EarlyGame's Artist of the Day: LadyAthenae

LadyAthenae are a Canadian Metalcore band and have shared with us some thoughts about video games.

LadyAthenae are a pretty cool Canadian Metalcore band. | © LadyAthenae

LadyAthenae is a Canadian metalcore band that will take you on a musical journey, switching between heavy vocals and light voices. The band was created during the pandemic by Camille Montpetit on vocals and Sergio Schiappacassi on guitar, composition, and production. The duo are husband and wife, quickly followed by their friend Chris Leblanc on drums.

Putting mental health front and center with their lyrics, their debut EP ‘Recollections’ was released on December 4th 2020. Recipient of a $25,000 Canada Council For The Arts grant for the writing of their 2nd EP, ‘Shine‘ was released on March 30th 2022, World Bipolar Day. Since these releases, they have been performing both live and online.

Of course, we decided to ask them a few questions about music and video games. Here's what she had to say...

What is your favorite video game soundtrack?

Dead Space 2 soundtrack.

Who's your favorite video game music composer?

Jason Graves.

What’s your favorite video game?

World of Warcraft.

What game inspired you to do music?


What video game are you currently playing?


Would you ever like to write music for video games? What would it be like?

Yes, it would be metal/rock like Dead Space 2.

How important is music for video games / video games for music?

Extremely important, it sets the mood and helps to assert important, key elements and add an extra scare to a jump-scare.

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