Ludwig Now Has the Most Subs on Twitch!

Ludwig most subs
Ludwig's Subathon made him the top streamer on Twitch. (Credit: Ludwig)

Ludwig now has the most subs on Twitch and it’s all because of his never-ending Subathon. Will he be forced to end the madness by himself or by Twitch?

On March 14, Ludwig began his Subathon. Little did he know it would last for 8–now going on 9–days!
For the uninitiated, a Subathon is a clever tactic to farm subs on Twitch and the concept is very simple. If you sub to the streamer, the stream timer goes up and the stream continues. The timer continuously counts down until it reaches zero ending the stream, but multiple subs can keep it going indefinitely.

Obviously, Ludwig is mortal and not an actual streaming god, so he also needs to sleep. Therefore, he streams himself sleeping. Sleeping Streams are not exactly interactive, so it is very surprising the stream has lasted through hours of sleep. Ludwig’s life is slowly becoming a reality TV show at this point!

How Many Subs Does Ludwig Have?

  • Quick Answer: 100k+

Currently, Ludwig has over 100k active subs. As word of this Subathon has gone viral it appears to have no end in sight. These sub numbers are not actually official as Twitch is... still Twitch and, being Twitch, they never shares anything. All numbers are therefore from a 3rd party site: TwitchTracker.

Ludwig most subs
Ludwig has 100k Active Subs (Credit: Twtichtracker).

Why Did Ludwig Start His Subathon?

According to the Streamer, it was just to boost his sub count but has turned into something totally unexpected.

In a baller move, Ludwig has stated he will donate the money to charity and also pay his mods for their hard work.

How Much has Ludwig’s Subathon Made so far?

Not a super easy thing to figure out but if you run the numbers it’s well over $300k – before you consider anything like taxes. To put this into perspective he already passed top streamers like xQc and Nickmercs for active subs on Twitch.

ludwig sub charts
Ludwig is at the top of the subs chart (Credit: Twitchtracker)

Where will it end? Can Ludwig stream forever? At some point, health concerns must be addressed, and to make it worse he started the Subathon just after he recovered from a burst appendix surgery. Will he be forced to stop by Twitch over health concerns or choose to end it himself? The hype is still strong with this one and the sub count just keeps going up.

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