Ludwig Swears to Never Do This Again!

Ludwig Stream Never Ending
Time to say good-bye. (Credit: Ludwig)

Well, Ludwig's subathon doesn't seem to be ending by means of a lack of interest: The new Twitch megastar is closing in on his 31-day limit and is all the happier for it. Also, he's certain that he will never-ever do this again.

When Will Ludwig's Stream End?

Ludwig will stop streaming tonight. He started streaming on March 14, with every new subscription adding more time to his stream. He vowed to not stop streaming until the timer hits zero or until he reaches the streaming limit set by Twitch: 31 days

Well, it is April 13 and the end is nigh. This evening, the Ludwig-Saga will end, and what a saga it was: Ludwig reached over 250,000 subscribers and was seriously closing in on Ninja's record sub-count (actually, he might still get there).

Oh, also: The man got paid. Still, despite making a major penny, Ludwig is done with this.

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Will Ludwig Ever Do a Subathon Again?

Uhm... no.

“The reason I would never do one again is very simple and it’s the reason why you shouldn’t make a sequel to the movie The Hangover… It’ll never be as good as the original. How the f**k am I going to top something that happened magically, out of the blue, for a planned 24-hour stream that ended up going a month, breaking records, by just saying I’m going to do the same thing again? F**k that.”

Unless, he added, it's from outer space.

Well... that's it, folks. The end of a month-long era. Good news though: All his subs from the last day of streaming will go to charity.

And if you don't wanna believe that Ludwig's subathon over, then take it from the man himself:

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