Did You Know That Megan Fox is a Hardcore Gamer?

You know Megan Fox from Transformers and your questionable Google searches, but you probably didn't know that the woman is a certified gamer. Megan Fox got mad skills in Mortal Kombat and just recently she crushed Machine Gun Kelly.

Let's face it, you don't wanna hear this story from me – you wanna hear it in her Megan Fox's words:

We got the latest Mortal Kombat, we downloaded it, and I crushed him. Like, destroyed him every time we fought.

According to previous interviews, Megan Fox would love to play Kitana in a Mortal Kombat movie. An indicator that she is maybe a Kitana main? Who knows – what we do know is that Megan Fox did not get to play Kitana in the recent Mortal Kombat video, which we call straight up disrespect. Here's a world-beauty actress that actually games, knows the character, wants to play it, and she doesn't get the role? Blasphemy!

That's not even all Megan Fox had to say on the matter of her utter Mortal Kombat dominance:

“Boys just naturally assume that they’re gonna be better than you at gaming. [even after] like, 40-something matches, [during which] I absolutely destroyed him every time.”

So there you have it: The world-star actress Megan Fox is a legit gamer-girl. Because... why not give one person all the qualities in the world

Kidding. We love you Megan. Keep crushing and... let's end this article with the mandatory "Finish Him!"

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