EarlyGame's Artist of the Day: Multivision

Multivision is a home-spun Greek rock band, and something that you truly don't see every day. Naturally, we sat down and talked to them about video games.
Multivision are an alternative rock band hailing from Greece. | © Multivision

Multivision is an alternative rock band, originating from Greece. Under influences of different rock styles from 80s till late 10s, their first EP “Lucius” was created in a studio apartment by vocalist Stelios Latridis (aka StIL), bass player Bill Ntanos, and lead guitarist Dimitris Tzilopoulos.

With the addition of drummer Steph Laskos, the band released the EP, which was mixed and mastered by Dimitris Douvras at Lunatech Sounds Studio, in the spring of 2018. The band appeared on numerous radio shows, promoting their EP and announcing that they were in pre-production of a second studio album, alongside their conceptual logo persona “Lucius”.

Guitarist Bill Melachrinos completed the setup before the recording of their LP, "Choose", in 2020. Their collaboration with Lunatech Sounds Studio finalized the whole project one year later. The album expanded on the alternative rock sound of its EP predecessor, engaging with blues and punk styles. By the fall of 2021, drummer Jason Glykidis was brought into the setup as a main member.

Multivision's debut album, "Choose", is a psychedelic jungle of rock, pop and punk. From the heavy distortion of the guitars to the chirpy vocals and the whining bass, it's an impressive affair from a group that recorded their first EP in a band member's studio apartment only a few short years ago. You can check out the record on Spotify and other music streaming and purchasing platforms. We would highly recommend it!

Naturally, we decided to ask them a few questions about music and video games. Here's what they said...

What is your favourite video game soundtrack?

Blur - Song 2 - FIFA 98

Who's your favourite video game music composer?

Jesper Kyd

What’s your favourite video game?

Assassin's Creed

What game inspired you to do music?

Assassin's Creed and Max Payne

What video game are you currently playing?

God of War

Would you ever like to write music for video games? What would it be like?

Sure, something alt rock with melodic instrumental parts.

How important is music for video games / video games for music?

It can really set the mood (horror games FTW!).