Confirmed: No Time To Die Will Be Longest James Bond Movie Ever

James bond no time to die
Daniel Craig's final Bond film will be the longest ever! | © Universal Pictures

No Time to Die will be the longest James Bond Movie ever. Not only will the film be Daniel Craig's last big-screen entry as the iconic British secret agent, but No Time to Die will be insanely long. How long is No Time to Die?

Everyone is going to miss Daniel Craig when he bids farewell to this iconic character. We will also have plenty of time to reminisce, as the movie will run for an insane 2 Hours and 43 minutes. As reported by IndieWire, this 163-minute-long running time will make it the longest in James Bond history.

With any luck, this crazy run-time will allow Craig's Bond to bid farewell to all of us in the best way possible. A long, dramatic, emotional, and action-packed adventure that will not only have us on our toes, but cast tears into our eyes when it drops on October 8.

How Long is No Time to Die?

No Time to Die will be 2 hours and 43 minutes long, or 163 minutes in length, according to IndieWire. This insane running time makes it twenty minutes longer than 007's previous adventure, with Spectre running for a whopping 148 minutes. This also means that No Time to Die will be the longest James Bond movie ever made. How crazy is that?

We can't really remember being this hyped about James Bond since 007's emotional 2012 outing, Skyfall. That movie hit us in the gut, and whilst Spectre was pretty darn good, it certainly didn't take us to those emotional heights. Perhaps No Time to Die will be the return to form worthy of Daniel Craig's final Bond film.

No matter whether it's a success or not, two things are for certain: we'll be watching it when it drops on October 8, and it will be the longest James Bond film ever. That's a pretty impressive finale and farewell to one of the longest-serving Bond's and, in our opinion, one of the best. Holy cow are we excited!

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