"We Got Plans": Patrick Stewart Teases X-Men Reunion With Ian McKellen's Magneto

Patrick Stewart recently teased the long awaited reunion with Ian Mckellen's Magneto, hinting at future projects that could bring the iconic duo back into the MCU.

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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen might reprise their roles for a new X-Men entry | © 20th Century Fox

With the releases of the third and final season of Stark Trek: Picard on Paramount+ Sir Patrick Stewart talked about his future plans. What might get people hyped is that he hinted at a possible reunion with Sir Ian McKellen's Magneto.

Sir Patrick Stewart Opens Up About Possible Return With Sir Ian McKellen's Magneto

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight he spoke about his future plans, after a guest appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness sparked rumors about his return to the MCU.

“I can't say about what Charles' future might possibly hold” Stewart said, keeping the possibility of more projects open.

Later in the interview, he revealed that his good friend Sir Ian McKellen might just be up for a role in the MCU as well.

The two of them were apparently talking about Stewart's cameo in Doctor Strange 2 when McKellen voiced his interest. As Stewart recalled their conversation, saying: “Actually, it went very well. He did say something like 'Hey, I would've done this!'”.

This is some awesome news for fans of the 2000s X-Men movies, especially those that enjoyed Stewart's and McKellen's performance (which is everyone).

If you prefer videos, you can just watch this instead of clicking on the article above:

He then continued to fuel the rumors, hinting at more Professor X and Magneto to come, by saying: “But we're not done, Sir Ian and myself. We're… we got plans.”

We got a glimpse of what these “plans” might entail, as Stewart revealed in another interview, that he has “been told to standby” for a potential guest appearance of his Charles Xavier in the new Deadpool movie.

Knowing that Sir Ian McKellen would be up for it as well, why not feature both of them in future MCU projects? Seeing the OG Charles and Magneto work together (as they're now older and wiser) would be awesome!

What do you think? Would you be up for a return of Sir Patrick Stewarts Charles Xavier and Sir Ian McKellens Magneto?

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