PaymoneyWubby is Banned by Twitch Again!

PaymoneyWubby hit with mysterious Twitch ban - 3 times you're out? (Image Credit: PaymoneyWubby via YouTube)

Edgy content creator PaymoneyWubby has received his third strike on Twitch and the YouTuber’s future on the platform remains unclear.

PaymoneyWubby can be best described as a react YouTuber who focuses on strange and often controversial news stories. His channel has over 1 million subscribers and the content creator’s sense of humor often pushes the edge. So, it is actually no surprise that he has received so many bans from Twitch over such a short period of time.

PaymoneyWubby’s streams over the last 13 months have already been banned twice and on December 29 he once again got banned making this his third strike on Twitch. PaymoneyWubby quickly took to Twitter with a comment, but honestly doesn’t seem too concerned about it.

Spend a few minutes on his Twitter or YouTube channel and you can see his content is sometimes sexual, albeit comedic, with a rather direct tone. There is nothing wrong with comedy that has a little bit of a bite to it, but Twitch and advertisers may think otherwise. The streaming platform tends to come down hard on any streamer who displays any kind of sexual content on their stream. It is also fair to say that Twitch most definitely targets streamers they simply do not like waiting for any slip up so Twitch can pull out that ban hammer.

Is PayMoney Permabanned From Twitch?

It is never easy to say why a given streamer gets banned from the platform as Twitch holds all the cards and if I can extend the metaphor, stacks the deck so the house always wins! Twitch rarely informs you why you get banned but the Twitch guidelines do state, ”multiple suspensions over time can lead to an indefinite suspension.” The question then remains, will PaymoneyWubby ever return to Twitch? Will he get unbanned this time?

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