Pokimane Awkwardly Tells Off Sexist Fan

Pokimane grumpy
Well, that got awkward pretty quick! | © Pokimane

Pokimane has lashed out at an allegedly sexist fan whilst on-stream, complaining about the fan's claim that she and her mods were "boring". The fan had been banned for poking fun at Rumay "Hafu" Wang, who suffered harassment at the 2008 BlizzCon Regionals. When the fan complained about being banned for the joke, Pokimane lashed out.

Yes, you read that right, Pokimane was very cross with a fan who called her "boring" on stream. That's okay, some people can be a-holes online, and she was in the middle of talking about quite a serious and important topic. It didn't make it any less awkward, though, and it's hard not to feel a little uncomfortable whilst watching the clip. Why did Pokimane tell this fan off, though? What on earth could have warranted such a personal outburst?

Okay, we admit this was a pretty easy target, but we actually love Pokimane, she's great, and one of the biggest streamers out there! Here are a few more articles on Pokimane...

Why Was the Pokimane Fan Banned?

This particular Pokimane viewer was banned after poking fun at Rumay "Hafu" Wang, who had been a victim of hate speech and harassment at the 2008 BlizzCon Regionals, when she was 17 years old. To be fair on Pokimane, this was a pretty serious topic, spurred on by the recent allegations of sex discrimination and harassment at Activision Blizzard, and not something to poke fun at. The thing is: it didn't end there!

The Pokimane fan continued to complain about her after the ban, claiming that they would unsubscribe to her if their ban wasn't reversed. The disgruntled fan apparently called Pokimane and her mod team "boring", because they wouldn't allow those jokes in the stream chat. It was pretty heavy stuff. Oof, being called "Boring" must have really hurt, such a biting insult. It doesn't get much worse than that...

Check out Pokimane's response to this "sexist" fan...

What Did Pokimane Say to the Fan?

Pokimane attempted a take-down of the fan live on-stream, resulting in some pretty quality entertainment. The reality was: Pokimane was pretty cross about the whole ordeal, going on a pretty cringey rant about the ordeal she had just suffered. I mean, as we said before, that was one mean thing for something to say. Poor Pokimane, she isn't "boring" at all! That last part actually wasn't a joke... Anyway, here's a little bit of a transcription for your eyes to enjoy reading.

"Also, it's not okay to instead of apologising for your s****y comments, to instead try and flip it and call me or my mods 'boring' for 'not getting the joke.' You are so oblivious to your own problems, it's painful... You think I give a f**k about your two dollar sub? You think that's going to make me think that what you're saying is ok? I hope you get banned off this whole platform my guy."

You have to admit, Pokimane certainly did give that guy a piece of her mind, and it wasn't like he didn't deserve it. Making fun of a sexual harassment victim is never funny, and really not a tasteful thing to use as the butt of a joke. That being said, Pokimane was oddly triggered by being called "boring". Don't worry, Pokimane, don't let the haters get to you.

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