Pornstar Mia Malkova's Butt Is the Most Watched Clip on Twitch for May

Mia malkova porn star
Mia Malkova has something to show front and back | © Mia Malkova via Twitter

If you think hot tub streams are corrupting the innocent Twitch youth, then now's the time to look away. Though if you've clicked on the title, you might just want to have a look, you dirty dog you! Since you're here, you probably want to know that pornstar Mia Malkova's booty is the most viewed clip on Twitch for the month of May.

Of all the sites and all the streams in the world, 600.000 people decided to walk into Mia Malkova's Twitch channel. The porn actress has some gifts that a large number of people find to be good content.

Mia Malkova('s Butt): Most Viewed Twitch Clip for May

Twitch is a site for gamers and streaming games. So they say. The year of our Lord 2021 shows something different with the so-called hot tub meta dominating trends on the site. What's the hot tub meta? Hot girls streaming from a pool or a tub with clothing limited to the holy b 'n' b: Bras and bikinis.

When you mix that with an actual pornstar, you get the Twitch version of an atom bomb. Mia Malkova, not to be confused with similarly named former colleague Mia Khalifa, is that atom bomb. The most viewed clip on the entire site for the month of May is literally her rear shapes on screen for 25 seconds just wiggling about.

For reasons clear enough (we hope), we can't display that video on here, but if you're persistent enough, we know you'll find what you're looking for.

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