Horror Fragrance! Capcom Selling Resident Evil Perfume

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Mhmmm.... zombie smell. | © Capcom, Chanel

Resident Evil has presented three fragrances in celebration of its 25th anniversary, which at least Japanese will soon be able to perfume themselves with. The fragrances are inspired by three very famous Resident Evil heroes.

In Japan, fans of the Resident Evil series can soon look forward to devilish scents. Capcom, the developer and publisher of the Resident Evil series, is now offering three different types of perfumes that are thematically oriented to the popular horror franchise.

The Smell of Death

In the official Capcom store you can choose between a perfume featuring Chris Redfield, one featuring Leon S. Kennedy and one with Jill Valentine. If you are familiar with the Japanese language, you will surely find out what they smell like...we just think they are devilishly good. Unfortunately, there are currently no indications that the perfume will be available outside of Japan.

The perfumes will likely include scents of some sort that reflect the characters, but won't really deviate from scents we're familiar with. No one would buy a perfume that smells like decay or death...right?

Resident Evil Parfume
The three new fragrances from capcom | © Capcom

Resident Evil has already released a perfume to match the series before, nevertheless they surprised us with it in the course of their 25th anniversary. What do you think about the horror perfume? Would you buy it if you lived in Japan?

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