Rick and Morty: Season 5 Finale Gets Live Action

Rick and Morty Live action
Live action with Christopher Lloyd!? WoW! | © Adult Swim

Rick and Morty Season 5 is getting a very special season finale. the latest teaser from Adult Swim shows Christopher Lloyd in a live action format. What's the deal with C-132? We have all the info for you!

If there's one thing Adult Swim and Rick and Morty have managed to do, it's leave a lasting mark on pop culture. Millions of fans eagerly await each new episode and each season finale is both a curse and a blessing at the same time. Now, the Rick and Morty Twitter account and Adult Swim have got us excited again – for a very special season finale for Season 5.

Rick and Morty: Season 5 Finale Gets Live Action

The tweet only says "C-132". The average netflix andy probably won't be able to make much sense of that at first. But if you think about it for a moment and used to devour every single episode of Rick and Morty, you will realize it makes a lot of sense and also explains Christopher Lloyd's guest appearance.

Rick has once again fu*** up. For the Season 5 finale, he and Morty apparently land in a parallel universe called "C-132", where everything looks like in our world, i.e. real. Rick and Morty wouldn't be the first to do something like that. The Simpsons also had a live action episode once.

Christopher Llyod plays Rick

Why is that so brilliant? Glad you asked. Christopher Lloyd is Doc from Back to the Future. This character is the original idea and inspiration behind Rick. So what else could be more fitting than Lloyd now getting to embody both characters.

We strongly assume that the short teaser is a kind of advertisement to get the fans in the mood for the last episode of Season 5. Whatever it will be in the end, we are already hyped about the crossover and are curious to see how Rick and Morty will save, destroy and/or escape C-132. Maybe all three – you never know what's the deal with Rick, right?

By the way! The last episode is supposed to be one hour long. What could be more fitting than a live action adaptation almost the length of a feature film!

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