Showtime Giving Paul vs. Mayweather Refunds to Everyone

Logan paul floyd mayweather showtime refunds
The Showtime PPV for Floyd vs. Logan isn't going well. (© Showtime)

The Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight was met with a lot of criticism. Not all of it fell on the match's low quality. Showtime's broadcasting was at the center of many complaints as well. Now, the organizers are giving out refunds, whether you asked for one or not.

All the people that paid to see the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul were mostly ridiculed for their poor investment. Recent developments could change that narrative as refunds begin shooting out at a rapid pace.

Showtime Begins Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Refund Fiesta

Broadcasting partner of the Paul vs. Mayweather fight – Showtime – is facing the music right now. Reactions to the fight's quality aside, many had complaints about the streaming quality and durability. With a lot of fans claiming to have been without a live picture from the event for up to an hour, refund demands began piling up.

In the immediate aftermath, Showtime stuck to quietly apologizing for the inconvenience and did not address any potential actions to mend the situation. Today's news flipped that position 180 degrees as refunds started raining everywhere.

Some claim that they have received a mail from the company that states a refund will be conducted, although they hadn't asked for one.

The price of the Logan vs. Floyd pay-per-view was $50. Getting that back, especially when you did not even try to, would be a nice post-match gift. So much so that it would turn the narrative against the ones who were bashing those who bought the match.

Watched the fight and still got refunded - take that, haters!

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