New MCU Movie Leak: Spiderman & Wolverine Crossover in Development

Spiderman Wolverine Crossover MCU
Ok Hugh Jackman won't be Wolverine, but please keep Tom Holland as Spiderman. | © Sony, Fox, Marvel

According to insider leaks, Sony and Disney are discussing a movie that would see Spiderman team up with the most infamous of all X-Men: Wolverine.

You know how Sony had the rights to Spiderman, and Fox had the rights to X-Men, but then Disney bought Fox, so now the mutants and Wolverine are officially part of the MCU? Well... maybe you didn't know that, but now you do. That obviously just leaves Spidey in the hands of Sony, but since Sony and Marvel have already come to an agreement time and time again and are all BFF, we might now be getting... (continued in the headline below):

Spiderman & Wolverine Crossover Movie (Maybe)

What's the source of all this juice? Well, it is Geekosity and according to them, Sony and Disney are looking to adapt The Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine, which was released from 2010-2011. Geekosity are so certain in their sources that they claim it is "more surprising if this crossover movie doesn't happen."

According to the sources, this movie will not be a Spiderman-focused movie, meaning it will not expand on the trilogy that is set to end with the upcoming No Way Home. Now, another juicy leak is that those same sources claim another mutant, other than Wolverine, will make his way into the movie.

Another mutant, huh?

You thinking what I'm thinking? Yes. It better be Deadpool or we riot. So that just leaves us with the question of who will portray the next Wolverine, but we'll leave that for another leak article.

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