Twitch Streamer's "Fan" Sends Him Literal Crap in the Mail

AmericanDad received poop
AmericanDad received an interesting package in the mail. | © AmericanDad

You've got mail! These words probably cause Twitch streamer AmericanDad some PTSD after the package he received the other day: a literal piece of crap.

We're all excited about receiving a surprise package in the mailbox. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well of course not! A plane can't fit into a box, you silly! Whatever your own guesses may be, we doubt a dog turd would be among the primary options that run through your mind.

Twitch Streamer American Dad Receives a Turd from a "Fan"

AmericanDad, the streamer, not the show, received some fan mail the other day. That's likely not something that happens every week to a Twitch streamer with 74.000 followers, so naturally, he was excited.

The opening of the package began good enough: with a sweet "thank you" note from a fan to a creator. The exact words of the letter are:

Hey AD,

I think you are going to need a plunger for this one.
Hope that you enjoy it poosie! You deserve it!
Thanks for all the laughs!

Signed your friend,

Isn't Mr. DOJO69 simply the best fan in the world? He didn't just go for a simple letter. He sent a package as well. And the Twitch streamer was visibly upbeat as he got ready to reveal to his viewers the cool new present he'd received.

Drum roll, please.

It's smelly. Oh, it smells reeeally bad. What is this thing? Is it spoiled eggs? Nah, it's not that. Spoiled eggs don't have the scent of sh*t. It must be something else. What could smell like crap? Ohhh, it's actually crap. Yep, a literal piece of poop. Nice. Nice one, TheDOJO69. Really clever.

The supercut of two grown men struggling with the opening of a box containing dog sh*t can be thoroughly enjoyed below courtesy of AmericanDad himself.

Haters are going to say it's staged. We know for a fact that it's just how TheDOJO69 rolls - in boxes filled with crap. The "fan" turned out to be no fan at all as he had never interacted in AmericanDad's chat before sending the package. TheDOJO 69 was thereafter banned from the chat.

It's a pity. This fan-creator had some potential to it for sure. You know, before one side decided to send poop in the other's mail. Friendships can't last in these fast times, man.

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