Is xQc Done with NoPixel GTA RP?

xQc is likely done with NoPixel
xQc is just so done with NoPixel GTA RP. (Credit: xQc)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel's days on the NoPixel GTA RP server may be numbered. The Canadian streamer received another ban from the platform shortly after the previous one and by the looks of things, this may also be the last instance we see him appearing on NoPixel.

The troubles xQc has experienced with NoPixel have been well documented. Most recently he got flack for encouraging his fans to harass other streamers that are GTA role-playing. His latest encounter with the NoPixel GTA RP law may have gotten xQc in more trouble than he is able or willing to brush aside.

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Why Was xQc Banned by NoPixel...Again?

Remarkably, this is the fourth time that the popular streamer has been kicked off of NoPixel servers. What makes this one more remarkable are the multitude of reasons for it and the severity of the punishment.

According to Felix Lengyel himself, he got busted for talking about another player’s ban while being arrested, dropping a gun while he was already dead, and abusing vehicle scuff. All violations of server rules.

For How Long Is xQc Banned from NoPixel GTA RP?

The length of the ban is a whole month, which is pretty rough and something big-time streamers are not used to seeing. Lengyel said that he does not plan on appealing the ban and revealed his sentiments that there is negative bias towards him on the server.

Both of these statements suggest that xQc might be permanently done with NoPixel even after his punishment expires. We will be able to confirm or deny this in mid-May at the earliest.

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