xQc Quits Gambling for Good

xQc quit gambling
xQc should be a happier man after his decision to abandon gambling. | © xQc

Felix "xQc" Lengyel was one of the most heated participants in the Twitch gambling streams debate, and on the defending side too. That is easy to explain - xQc himself does that type of content. Imagine the shock of his fans then when the Canadian streamer announced he is quitting gambling entirely!

Twitch in 2021 has been mostly about sexual content in terms of drama. It was the hot tub meta first, the ASMR meta after that, and it all culminated in the bans of Kaytlin "Amouranth" Siragusa and Jenelle "Indiefoxx" Dagres in mid-June.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a century-old topic was brought back to the frontlines: gambling. From the morals of sexual content being inappropriate for youngsters, we moved to the morals (and legal fortitude) of Twitch gambling streams aimed at paying adults.

Felix Lengyel had already participated in the discourse, more or less defending the content, which just enhances the effect of his most recent statement that he's withdrawing from gambling altogether.

xQc Quits Gambling Amid Heated Discussions

Twitch gambling streams have been a constant topic of debate since the very moment they became a thing on the site. It is one of those things that comes and goes from public discourse. It seems the bans of Amouranth and Indiefoxx opened the floodgates once again, as most were occupied with giving their opinions on their content. With the two ladies out for a few days, we needed a new bone to chew on.

Asmongold was the first of what would become many streamers that commented on gambling streams. He chose to focus on the legal issues they may present. Others, like Pokimane, went in a different direction, questioning the morals behind it all.

Being one of the gambling streamers, xQc was naturally involved in the situation. Initially, he went on the defense, even causing Pokimane to reply to comments he made about her original statement. Now, just a couple of days later, he's switched his tune almost entirely, but not before defending the concept first.

This is going to be a really bad take, but I genuinely believe gambling is content, regardless of the amounts. Yes, there are a lot of bad things that come with it, but I enjoy doing it, I enjoy watching it and I enjoy producing it. I understand all the other stuff that comes [with it], I understand.

A little later, xQc exploded the Twitch chat with a revelation that he is quitting.

Everything that I got out of it, I lost it. I literally got lucky in the end. That's why I'm quitting. I genuinely feel like I’m slightly, if not moderately, addicted, and it’s really bad. I hope that anybody who started gambling is going to quit, and I’m sorry for hardcore exposing it to people. Even though I gave them some warnings, it is an addictive thing and people should quit gambling while they can. Even if you're not quitting while you're ahead, you should still quit.

That's some change of heart for the Canadian, but it's one that should only benefit him and his viewers, even if some of them may be sad to see his gambling content cease.

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