Results of Jochen Schweizer SimRacing Casting Challenge 3

Jochen Schweizer SimRacing Challenge 3
The challenges took place at the BMW test track in Maisach. (Credit: EarlyGame)

Ten of the original 600 participants competed in the Jochen Schweizer SimRacing Casting Challenge 3. Only six of them made it to the fourth and final challenge, with the winners then joining the Jochen Schweizer SimRacing Team - powered by BMW.

In Challenge 3, the Esport drivers had to prove their skills on the real racetrack. Former DTM driver Martin Tomczyk emphasized that SimRacing and real racing are no longer far apart. Under the supervision of BMW's head of internal driving training, Rolf Scheibner, the participants had to face various challenges on the BMW test track in Maisach.

What was Challenge 3 All About?

The SimRacers had to prove their driving talent in the BMW M235i and BMW M3 Competition. First, the racers had to keep the car on the track on a wet surface, then they had to drive around a slalom course as quickly as possible. In the next and final exercise, the participants were tested for their cornering speed. Here, the speed was determined shortly after exiting the curve. The six candidates who were the fastest online and in the real car moved on to the final.

Jochen Schweizer SimRacing-Casting Challenge 3: The results

Jochen Schweizer, Martin Tomczyk, Max Maliar, Max Sandritter and Rolf Scheibner had to part with four drivers - the choice was visibly difficult for them.

Jochen Schweizer SimRacing Casting Challenge 3
Which participants moved on to the finals? (Source: EarlyGame)

These six participants qualified for Challenge 4

  • Jan von der Heyde
  • Ralf Piringer
  • Lorenz Hoerzing
  • Marvin Otterbach
  • Lucas Bingenheimer
  • Jarno Koch

Challenge 4 will be the final challenge in which the four winners will join the Jochen Schweizer SimRacing Team. Who will complete the team around the already seeded Max Maliar and Max Sandritter?

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