Everything You Need to Know About the Daily Trio Cups at Fortnite

Daily Trio Cups
The Daily Trio Cups have started! (Image credit: Epic Games)

Grab two friends and get on the Battle Bus, because yesterday the Daily Cups started - and this time the three of you will defeat them!

Yesterday, on July 14, the Daily Trio Cups took place for the first time since the beginning of Season 3. The Trio Tournaments will be held daily until August 21 and we have all the details for you.


Yes, once again the cups are platform-specific. PS4, Xbox, Mobile and Switch players all play together in the Cups, while PC players compete against each other in a different lobby. Let's just say that playing on a PC will give you too much of an advantage over console users and Epic's decision is on the fair side.


Each cup lasts about 3 hours. The trios can participate in a maximum of 10 games to score as many points as possible. In Europe the cups start daily at 03:00 PM, for the rest look below:

  • EU - 15:00 CEST
  • NAE - 13:00 ET
  • NAW - 13:00 PT

Evaluation system

In order to have a chance to win cash prizes, points must be collected again in the current cups. While each elimination brings one point each, additional ones can be earned depending on your overall placement:

  • Epic Win: 14 Points
  • 2: 11Points
  • 3: 9 Points
  • 4: 8 Points
  • 5: 7 Points
  • 6: 6 Points
  • 7 to 8: 5 Points
  • 9 to 10: 4 Points
  • 11 to 13: 3 Points
  • 14 to 17: 2 Points
  • 18 to 25: 1 Points


First place will be rewarded with $1,200, second place with $900 and third place with $600. The prizes are the same for all regions and all platforms. The amounts are divided equally among the trio squad.

All further information, such as conditions of entry and rules for players and team building can be found in the official rules of the Daily Trio Cups.

Have fun playing the epic games and may the best trio win!


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