F1 2020 Silverstone Setup Guide & Tips

F1 2020 Silverstone - the best setup for the Great Britain Grand Prix
With this Silverston setup guide, you will conquer Great Britain. (Image credit: Codemasters)

After a one-week break, Formula 1 will make a guest appearance at Silverstone, England, this weekend (and the weekend after). The legendary racetrack is one of the most famous circuits in the world. We'll get you ready for the British Grand Prix with the F1 2020 Setup Guide.

Silverstone, the "home of British motorsports," has been the home of the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain since 1987, and will once again host the home GP of Lewis Hamilton this weekend. With our F1 2020 Silverstone Setup Guide, we'll whip you in shape for the track.

Silverstone Circuit

Apart from the Italian Grand Prix, the British Grand Prix is the only one that has been on the racing calendar without interruption since the foundation of Formula 1. Between 1950 and 1954, the world's premier racers were racing on Silverstone, before races alternated between the Aintree Circuit near Liverpool and the Silverstone Circuit until 1963.

After over 20 years at Brands Hatch, the Formula 1 has now been back at Silverstone since 1987. The circuit is 5.891 kilometers long and is home to some of the most legendary corners that motorsports has to offer - including Copse Corner, Maggots and Becketts or Woodcote. One lap at Silverstone has a total of 18 corners.

The real-track lap record is 1:27.369 minutes, set by 2019 World Champion Lewis Hamilton. In Codemasters F1 2020, lap times of less than 1:24 minutes are possible.

Lewis Hamilton on the Siverstone track in the new black Mercedes-AMG in F1 2020
Will Lewis Hamilton get his third win of the season at Silverstone? (Image credit: Codemasters)

F1 2020 Silverstone Setup Guide

The Silverstone Circuit in F1 2020 is one of the most demanding courses - it impresses with a beautiful flow, and particularly driving through Maggots and Becketts as fast as possible is a satisfying feeling that doesn't come easy. A single wrong braking maneuver can cost several hundredths of a second.

As a high-speed track, low values for front and rear wings are essential. To still provide stability, stabilizers and ground clearance must be adjusted accordingly. If you are aiming for a place in the top lists in time trial mode, Mercedes is your team of choice - their cars have the highest top speed.

F1 2020 Silverstone Setup

  • Front wing: 2-3
  • rear wing: 4-5
  • Differential adjustment with accelerator pedal: 50-52%.
  • Differential adjustment without accelerator pedal: 55-60%
  • Front wheel camber: -2.50
  • Rear wheel camber: -1.00°.
  • Front track: 0,05°.
  • Rear track: 0.20 - 0.25
  • Front suspension: 1-2
  • Rear wheel suspension: 9-11
  • Front and rear stabilisers: 10
  • Front floor clearance: 1-2
  • Rear ground clearance: 3
  • brake pressure: 100
  • Front brake force distribution: 50

F1 2020 Silverstone Tips

You can take the first turn after start and finish without releasing the throttle or applying the brake. Afterwards, the breaking point for the first right-hand bend is at about 75 meters, just before the 50-meter mark, where you should drive in third gear.

The following left-hand bend is a little slower, and you should be driving in second gear. Take the next corner as gently as possible to take a lot of top speed with you onto the straight and DRS zone.

At 50 meters, you go down to fourth gear. The legendary Copse Corner can be taken at top speed if you turn in early enough and take the right curb with you. One of two key spots of Silverstone in F1 2020.

The second is Maggots and Becketts, where a lot of time can be lost as well. The combination of corners is tough, even if it doesn't look like it.

In the middle of Maggots, you can just take your foot off the gas and shift down to seventh gear. For Becketts, you just tap the brake and shift to sixth gear. Here, it's enormously important not to brake too hard, otherwise you'll lose the speed for the long straight.

F1 2020 Maggots & Becketts
On Maggots & Becketts, you should brake less than you think. (Image credit: TRL Limitless via YouTube / Codemasters)

Vale, just before the start/finish line, wants to be taken in third gear again, while you can take the final corner (club) to the limit. A perfect lap in F1 2020 on the Silverstone Circuit requires a lot of practice, as the combination of fast corners punishes mistakes (and above all unnecessary braking maneuvers) mercilessly.

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