FIFA 21 Chemistry Styles Come With a New Design

Fifa 21 tips chemistry styles
Chemistry Styles will be making a return in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 will be using Chemistry Styles in FIFA Ultimate Team, just like FIFA 20 did. What Chem Styles are there and what they do, you can find out here.

What Are Chemistry Styles?

FUT veterans already know what Chemistry Styles are all about. Not everyone is like that though, so here goes.

Chemistry Styles are items that can be applied to any player in FUT and improve their values in certain categories. There are different chemistry cards for different positions that do different things for your player.

In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team there will be a total of 22 Chemistry Styles with a new design. This is based on the more modern look of the game, an approach that was also used in Madden NFL 21.

Fifa 21 chemistry styles
All 22 FIFA 21 Chemistry Styles. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Chemistry Styles

Those who've played FIFA 20 might have noticed that there will be no new Chemistry Styles in FIFA 21. Only the designs have changed this year. Once again if you're a seasoned veteran you already know what each one does, but for the rest, well, here's what each Chemistry Style does!

Fut 21 chemistry style
Chemistry Styles will affect your players in different ways. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Forwards Chemistry Styles

  • Hunter: +3 speed, +3 shooting
  • Hawk: +2 speed, +2 shooting, +2 physical
  • Marksman: +2 shooting, +2 dribbling, +2 physical
  • Finisher: +3 shooting, +3 physical
  • Deadeye: +3 shooting, +3 passing
  • Sniper: +3 shooting, +3 dribbling

Midfielders Chemistry Styles

  • Architect: +3 passing, +3 physical
  • Artist: +3 passing, +3 dribbling
  • Catalyst: +3 pace, +3 passing
  • Engine: +2 speed, +2 passing, +2 dribbling
  • Maestro: +2 shooting, +2 passing, +2 dribbling
  • Powerhouse: +3 passing, +3 defense

Defenders Chemistry Styles

  • Anchor: +2 speed, +2 defense, +2 physical
  • Backbone: +2 passing, +2 defense, +2 physical
  • Gladiator: +3 shooting, +3 defense
  • Guardian: +3 dribbling, +3 defense
  • Sentinel: +3 defense, +3 physical
  • Shadow: +3 speed, +3 defense

Goalkeepers Chemistry Styles

  • Cat: +2 reflexes, +2 pace, +2 positioning
  • Glove: +2 diving, +2 handling, +2 positioning
  • Shield: +2 kicking, +2 reflexes, +2 speed
  • Wall: +2 diving, +2 handling, +2 kicking
Fifa 21 chem style lionel messi
An example: the Hawk Chemistry Style improves speed, shooting and physicality. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Which Chemistry Styles to Use

In principle, any Chemistry Style card can be applied to any player (with the exception of goalkeeper cards), but of course, this does not always make sense. Chem Styles permanently improve the above-mentioned values of the players.

Which chemistry makes sense for which player depends on the FIFA 21 meta. Last year's pace and dribbling were the most important values, so Hunter and Shadow were the most popular Chem Styles.

The first days and weeks with the new game will show how it will be like in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. As the gameplay has changed a lot this year and for example headers and crosses have become more effective again, values in the physical department might gain importance.

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