FIFA 21: The Best Packs!

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The top 10 packs you can get for better players in your team. (Image credit: EA Sports)

In FIFA, you have the chance to get new players by buying in-game packs for coins. These packs can contain players or items. Is it really worth getting those? Here are the best packs to spend your money on.

What's the Deal With FIFA 21 Packs?

In FIFA 21, you have several ways to get the much sought-after coins you need for new players. And even if we would not advise you to buy the packs, they also offer a quick chance to get new and good players for your team – packs are the lottery in FIFA: Every now and then, you have some good numbers (players with high values) in between.

In order to get better players, you sometimes have no other choice but to spend these coins. On the transfer market, you can buy the players you want directly for these coins, but often those prices are at dizzying heights.

What can we do to possibly get to the champions we watch with enthusiasm in the stadium and on TV? By opening packs.

There are many different types of these packs but not all of them can be fetched at the same time. The only packs you can always buy are the Gold Packs and the Premium Gold Packs.

Gold und Premium Gold Packs
Gold Packs and Premium Gold Packs to buy. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Which Packs to Go For?

Nevertheless, we want to give you a Top 10 list of how good these packs are in their price-performance ratio. But we have to point out that opening the packs is a game of chance. So please be careful and don't overdo it, in the end only your luck decides what you will get! Be especially careful if you know you get sucked into gambling habits because... well, it is kind of like that.

10. Rare Gold Pack
This costs you 25,000 coins and offers a relatively poor chance of drawing an 84+ player.

9. Jumbo Premium Gold Player Pack
The pack costs 50,000 coins and we wouldn't exactly say it's worth its price. A bit of a situational pick.

8. Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Same game as No 9, only cheaper, at 15,000 coins.

7. Mega-Pack
The mega pack has a cost of 25,000 coins but it is already a better choice according to chance calculations.

6. Prime Electrum Player Pack
This pack is at 20,000 coins and also has better odds to get a better player.

5. Rare Mega Pack
This pack is already better than the regular Mega Pack, but it will also cost you 55,000 coins.

4. Rare Electrum Player Pack
This pack is interesting because it is not as expensive (30,000 coins), but still offers a good chance.

3. Ultimate Pack
The most expensive pack that has only recently been released. We're not so sure about the price-value ratio of this pack considering it costs a whopping 125,000 coins!

2. Jumbo Rare Player Pack
This pack is also rather expensive at 100,000 coins and just like No 3 on our list, its price performance is rather questionable. Still, keep in mind: the Top 3 of this list do have the best chances of getting better players.

1. Rare Player Pack
In the Top 3 packs, this one is still the cheapest at 50,000 coins AND it offers the same chances for better players.

Whether it is worth it or not is entirely up to you. But feel free to show us your luck on Twitter and Facebook!

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