FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT Beginner's Guide

Fifa 21 ultimate team fut 21
FUT beginners guide, get good!

Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in FIFA 21. To get an advantage, before the release, you should have a look at our FIFA 21 Ultimate Team tips guide.

It's not much longer until FIFA 21 is finally released. The FUT mode should attract the most players, so a few tips will come in handy, won't they? In our FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Tips we give you 5 tricks for a successful start.

(NOTE: We will add more tips to this article after the release of FIFA 21)

1. Get the FUT Web App

Just in time for the FIFA 21 release, the revised FUT Web App from EA Sports should be available. "What do I need it for?" you ask? Theoretically, team, transfers and line-ups can be managed in FUT 21 as well - but in the Web App it works much more comfortably.

Here you can find absolute bargains on the transfer market or offer unneeded cards with just a few steps. Furthermore, in the first few weeks, you will be rewarded for your daily use of the FUT Web App adding great value by using it.

The FUT Web App can be easily accessed via the Internet browser. Alternatively, you can download the FUT Companion App for iOS or Android which serves the same purpose. The Web App is the ideal companion for FIFA 21, especially for FUT Traders.

(NOTE: The official mobile apps have not yet been updated for FIFA 21)

Fut web app
With the FUT Web App you manage your team much more comfortably. (Source: EA Sports)

2. First Tasks in FUT 21

The FUT mode is not only for players who want to play one game after another, it also covers the entire spectrum that the sport of football has to offer. FUT is made for tacticians, for traders, prospective managers, and of course for players.

The goal: to build the strongest possible team. But for this, you need a lot of virtual coins. But there are many ways to fill your FUT 21 wallet.

First of all, play many games in squad battle mode against computer-controlled teams. For each game, you win coins, and the higher the difficulty level the more coins you win.

You also get coins on the FUT transfer market. At the beginning of the FIFA 21 season, you should first of all decide what kind of team you want to create. The choice is almost infinite. Should it be a Bundesliga team? A team with players from a certain nation? A hybrid team from several leagues? All this and much more is possible.

If you know that, then you also know which cards you don't need and can sell them on the transfer market. Cards you don't need for your own team should always be offered on the exchange market (and never sell them immediately, which makes fast money, but much fewer coins than on the exchange market).

3. Team Building and Chemistry

FUT has become a bit simpler in FIFA 21. The contract and fitness cards from previous years are no longer required this time, which is why the team management is much more beginner-friendly. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider.

In FUT mode, it is all about achieving the perfect chemistry. On the team overview page, a value for team chemistry is displayed in the upper left corner. This should always reach 100 points because if the chemistry is not right, the players will not play well together or score goals. In short: If the chemistry is not right, games can be lost.

The chemistry increases when a player is used in his home position. For example, a goalkeeper in goal and not on the attack. Furthermore, the links between the lined-up players have an important role too.

We have already told you exactly how this works in our FUT Beginner's Guide - Part 1. The team chemistry has nothing to do with the Chemistry Styles, which will be used in FIFA 21.

Fut 20 chemie 2
Chemistry is also of crucial importance in FUT 21. (Image credit: EA Sports)

4. Never Buy Packs

How do you even get new players in FUT? This is where the packs come into play, especially the Gold and Premium Gold Packs. These have the players you want for the best possible FIFA 21 team. But you need a lot of luck.

The probability to draw a really top-class football star in the packs has been a 3 to 4 percent chance in the last years!

But what you should definitely not do is to buy packs for coins or even real money (unless you are an esports player and your team pays you for the packs). New packs are given to you for completing games, squad building challenges, advancing up the season's rank, or completing tasks.

In short, Packs are coming, but it takes time.

5. Icons Always Fit - Philipp Lahm, Eric Cantona, and More

A perfect addition for absolutely every FUT team are the icons. These are the legendary players of past eras of football. New this year are, among others, Philipp Lahm or Eric Cantona. Adding these icons to your team is a great first step but not easily done.

FUT 21 Icons
FUT 21 Icons (Image credit: EA)

A FUT Icon is an enormous gain for every team and fits in every team's chemistry - but the cards are expensive. With very good luck you can pick one icon in a pack and face the tricky question of whether to sell it or add it to your team.

A FUT 21 icon brings in a lot of coins on the transfer market, which you can invest in two or three top-class players. But on the other hand, icons are the best players you can get in FUT mode.

Fifa 21 fut icons lahm
Philipp Lahm (Image credit: EA)

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