FIFA 21 Wish List: 7 Obvious Things We Want!

Fifa21 wishlist
FIFA 21 could be a step in the right direction if EA do exactly as we say. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

The FIFA 20 season is slowly coming to an end and we’re all beginning to turn towards its successor. Given how “beloved” FIFA 20 is by fans, we decided to compose a wish list of stuff we’d like to see in FIFA 21. Pay attention, Electronic Arts!

1. Make Headers Great, No, Make Them Decent Again

We’ve had all types of overpowered mechanics in past FIFA releases – ridiculous long shot efficiency, Messi-type of dribbling by the Burnley third-stringers, even headers themselves. FIFA 20 took the header nerf to a whole new level, though, throwing fans of pre-2000s English football under suicide watch.

Fifa 21 flanken kopfball
We'd like there to be some sense in crossing the ball here in FIFA 21. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Crosses and headers are borderline useless in FIFA 20 and that needs to change if FIFA 21 wants to resemble anything near a real football simulator.

2. Add Variety to the Tactical Meta

In FIFA 20, players are forced to adapt their style of play to the very specific meta forced upon them by the game. Fast, agile attackers are the only way to go. Speed is king. Trying anything else would just bring you frustration and a bag of Ls.

World-class strikers like Robert Lewandowski or Harry Kane can never be seen in an online game because they just don’t work. Great passers of the ball like Thiago Alcántara or Toni Kroos are obsolete because they are slow.

Being forced into a certain way of playing a game is bad design. EA, please fix.

3. Let’s be Able to Play Some Defense, Just a Bit

Defending in FIFA 20 is like writing your Master’s degree in Quantum Physics. It’s so damn hard!

We wanna have fun, man. Defense is not the flashiest part of the game as it is, making it seem like a chore just makes players all the more aggravated.

Ease it up a bit, we’re not playing Dark Souls over here!

4. Fix the Mothatruckin’ Servers!

Thank God EA Servers are not a disease because it would surely destroy the fabric of existence if it was able to spread. Weekend League players will know best but it goes for every online mode in FIFA 20: the servers are crap.

Fifa 20 lag
Lag to EA Servers is like low IQ to flat-earthers. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Constant lag and disconnections are just a day in the life of a FIFA gamer and, let’s be real, they ain’t fixing it. We’re doomed forever and ever. Just wanted to complain a little about it. Why would EA bother to fix the servers for a game which they’ve progressively and aggressively pushed towards online play? Why would they?

Crappy servers… Crappy servers! Crappy!

5. Let Gamers Customize Their Game

If you’re not going to bother improving your product, at least give the players a chance to do it themselves. We’re living in an age where stuff like skins, outfits etc. are almost as important to some gamers as the actual game.

Yet in FIFA, where we have stadiums, logos, kits, celebrations etc. EA is not giving the player any customizable options?

Hello, EA, there’s potential for money here! Theeere we go, now they’re gonna listen and we might see something done on this topic at least.

6. Introduce VAR and Decision Challenges

We saw an attempt at implying real-life technology into FIFA 20 with the goal line thingy but we want to take it further. Introduce VAR as it is in football and give us the option to challenge a referee’s decision. We wanna prove that git wrong!

Football simulators should include key elements of worldwide football, no?

7. Show the Other Children Some Love

FUT is bringing in the cash. We get it. But if you’re gonna have half a dozen other modes in your game, put some effort into them maybe? Career mode in particular has been in shambles for so long, it makes me cry as I’m typing this.

Give the not-so-profitable chickens some seeds too, EA, damn! We’re starving over here.

Knowing Electronic Arts, we’ll get some “innovative” way for them to empty our pockets before we get any of this, but that’s why it’s called a wish list. We wish, EA disappoints.

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