25 Teams! Prime Moments Ruud Gullit Is The Most Ridiculous SBC Ever!

Ruud 2
Is one SBC worth giving up 25 teams? | © YourFavTexan via YouTube

Ruud Gullit is one of the best footballers to ever play for the Netherlands. His Icon has also been one of the best in FIFA for years. Don't get us wrong, his Prime Moments card is outstanding in-game, but currently, you have to give up 25 teams for the SBC! That's just disgusting.

Ruud Gullit is one of FIFA's most beloved legends. The Gullit Gang was named after him, which are players, whose major stats are all above 80. So why is it that 93% of the FUTBIN community says they won't complete the Ruud Gullit Prime Moments SBC?

FIFA 21 Ruud Gullit Prime Moments

Gullit is one of the best and most valuable Icons in FIFA 21, but this became his undoing in the end. The FUTTIES event is currently running in FIFA 21. The FUTTIES are popular special cards from past months released in new packaging. Three FUTTIES teams will be released in total, with the first one already launched this last Friday.

The new cards caused the FUT market to collapse. For a brief moment, top TOTS and TOTY cards were going for less than 100,000 coins. All of that brought along some ludicrous developments.

25 Teams! The Most Ridiculous SBC Ever!

Since prices have dropped so much, EA had to react and adjust the requirements for the Gullit SBC. Since the Prime Moments Icon is supposed to cost about 4 million coins, you have to turn in a total of 25 teams to complete the SBC. 25!!! Please don't take offense if we don't present the solutions to all 25 teams here. There are four 89-rated squads (!!!) at the end of the SBC, just to make sure. You have to get to 4 million coins somehow.

Gullit Prime
Prime Moments Ruud Gullit's stats. | © FUTBIN

Ruud Gullit Prime Moments FIFA 21: The Most Ridiculous SBC Ever

Ruud Gullit Prime Moments is one of the best cards in FIFA 21, and we are also an absolute fan of this player. It's not Ruud's fault that the prices have dropped so much and EA is offering his card for so much. What gamer sits down in front of the screen in July and completes 25 SBCs? Right, no one! And if you do, then more power to you, man. You truly deserve a medal.

Is the Ruud Gullit Prime Moments SBC Worth It?

The SBC is definitely not worth it! Right now, you can build a whole team full of 94 OVR players with 4 million coins. Don't even think about it! If you still want to play Ruud Gullit, then we recommend the 90 or 93 variant, which cost 1,250,000 or 2,000,000 coins, respectively. Still way overpriced in the current market, though.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Jonas Sohns.