All EA Sports FC Stadiums: Camp Nou Coming Back To FIFA?

It will still take until fall 2023 for the release of the new FIFA, which will appear under the name EA Sports FC. At the same time, the expiring contract between Barcelona and Konami may give reason to celebrate: Will we finally see a comeback of the legendary Camp Nou? We'll show you which stadiums should be included in EAFC and which should be entirely new.

EA Sports FC Stadiums Camp Nou All Stadiums
Which stadiums will be in the new FIFA game? Camp Nou? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

A new FIFA – sorry, I mean a new EA Sports FC game – has a lot of innovations in store. This is the case year after year, as little is changed in the game itself.

EA won't reinvent football, but the developers have to come up with new modes, features, and other reasons for us to buy the game every season.

EA Sports FC: All Stadiums In The New FIFA – This Is What We Expect

It's also clear that we'll have to wait quite a while before we can finally play the new FIFA ourselves. However, after we have already had a look at the licensing rights for players and possible new leagues, we also want to take a look at the stadiums that we expect in EAFC.

While FIFA 22 only had four new stadiums, FIFA 23 already had seven right at release – and EA has extended the list again with the World Cup Update.

In total, we can currently choose from over 105 original stadiums. Thanks to the return of Juventus, their Allianz Stadium is also back. Nevertheless, La Bombonera from Boca Juniors is probably the most impressive new stadium. You can find the entire list of currently included stadiums here:

For the upcoming EA Sports FC 24, we don't expect many stadiums to disappear (but that happens when a club is no longer licensed by EA or even an entire league gets removed), but hope for an even wider lineup.

With the inclusion of La Liga F we will get newly included stadiums from Spain. And speaking of Spain: we've been missing the legendary Camp Nou since FIFA 17 now. There is good news for FIFA fans regarding the stadium of FC Barcelona.

Konami's Exclusive Deal With Barcelona Ends – Camp Nou Comeback In EA Sports FC?

The exclusive deal between PES/eFootball publisher Konami and the Catalans ends in the summer of 2023. Afterward, the rights to represent FC Barcelona are free again – and EA could make a move. This summer, we are heading for the same situation as with Juve before FIFA 23. Of course, EA has an interest in being able to represent the world club Barça as authentic as possible in their game.

Even if you're not a Barcelona fan and are even more a Real Madrid supporter, you still want to see the original Camp Nou and fight in El Clásico as genuine as possible, don't you? We hope EA opens their wallet again and secures the licenses.

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