15-year-old Has Won Over €15,000 by Playing FIFA

Anders Vejrgang is filling the bank at a young age
Anders Vejrgang is filling the bank at a young age. (Credit: RB Leipzig)

EA Sports organize the main FIFA events, but esports players also organize their own FIFA 21 tournaments. Those who are consistently successful in the Blacki Cup & Co. can look forward to good amounts of prize money. The open info shows how Anders Vejrgang earned €15,000 with little effort.

Anders Vejrgang of RB Leipzig is one of the best FIFA players in the world. This is indicated not only by his success in the Weekend League, but also by his appearances in community tournaments. Due to his age, the Dane is not yet allowed to play in the FIFA 21 Global Series by EA Sports, but the restrictions do not apply to smaller tournaments.

Elias Nerlich and Maurice Aliu are best known for their Eligella and Blacki Cups, which regularly attract Europe's FIFA elite. Anders regularly takes part to test his skills and pick up prize money. RB Leipzig's FIFA jewel has already collected over €15,000 at the Blacki Cups.

How Much is Anders Vejrgang Making from FIFA ?

The EA regulations for community tournaments prohibit high prize money: the maximum prize pool is $2,500. However, since the cups take place very often, a large sum can be collected over a few weeks. A list of the Blacki Cups organized by Maurice Aliu shows just how much: Anders Vejrgang has won exactly €15,335 over the course of the tournament series.

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For comparison, in a European regional cup organized by EA Sports, the prize money for first place is $15,000 or the equivalent of just under €12,600. The reason for Anders' prize money numbers is not only his regular participation but also his many victories. The FIFA talent has finished among the top four players in the Blacki Cups 28 times so far.

The next best player on the list, Ander 'Neat' Tobal, has only 13 placements in the top four. Of the German players, Denis Müller, Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous and Cina "LostInTheWavesz" Hosseindjani have collected the most prize money so far: between €2,000 and €2,800.

The size of the pot at the Blacki Cups depends on the number of participants: everyone pays a €5 entry fee. The more players that take part, the larger the prize pool. Around 200 competitors are common at tournaments, although they take place almost every day.

The 100th edition of the Blacki Cup is scheduled for March 26. Anders Vejrgang is surely going to be there, because, for him, these tournaments remain one of the few stages in the pro FIFA scene where he can shine at present time.

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